I guess someone is a little horny when she’s not sober

i’m not sorry at all


“Don’t hurt my boy!”

Another lazy thing i did based on We That Are Young.

His hands are warm.

Riza stares down at her hand between his, the bandages a stark white against their skin. His thumb traces a spare centimeter across the line of medical tape; a steady, fractional back and forth. She feels his touch drawing tension down into the space between them, feels the way something urgent and hot starts to knot itself within her belly. She hears it in the way Roy’s breath begins to deepen and smooth.

She wets her lips.

“We shouldn’t,” Riza says, and then regrets it because giving voice to the yearning only makes it feel stronger.

There’s a smile in his voice when he replies, “I don’t know, I think it could help with our cover.”

“Colonel,” she says and gives him her sternest frown. His thumb shifts, slipping boldly over the bone of her wrist and her fingers curl involuntarily. She wavers, voice gentling. “How can we?”

Roy’s expression grows serious. His gaze drops.

“We’ve justified worse for less.”



I forgot that I had this Royai thing.

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Yes, Havoc. She certainly does.


I need cutesy drunk Riza too


Your name is Roy Mustang and you are absolutely in no way jealous of a dog.


FMA - One the line by schellibie


Riza-,” Roy began, crossing his arms and glancing at her from out of the corner of his eye.

She smirked, giving his arm a light squeeze through her gloves. “One more hour and then the observations will be done.”

“I just hope there’s a goddamned fireplace in-.”

“Never thought the Flame Alchemist would be cold,” Olivier declared, snorting and walking off, hand on the pummel of her sword.


Haha oh pouty Roy.

Briggs doesn’t like him. He doesn’t like Briggs. Even if he IS the President. Olivier doesn’t change her effectiveness for the President.

don’t worry you can spend some time with your wife later by the fire and have sexy maekouts.

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